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Live and Deadly with Sean Choolburra.

Sean’s is a fresh new voice in a comedy scene inundated by white fellas. He blends pop culture, dance, comedy and hip hop in a high energy, feel good show.

Charming, captivating, cheeky, clever and charismatic Sean gives audiences a chance to get in on many hilarious ‘Black Fella Yarns’. Perhaps it is his ability to share the naivety of a small town aboriginal boy, still coming to grips with the big city lights, that makes him all that much more inviting and engaging as a performer.

Sean is a dynamic and versatile comedian, rap singer, dancer, storyteller, actor & hip-hop didge player. He is a rising star of not only the comedy world, but also as an all-round entertainer, and is guaranteed to raise your spirit while splitting your spleen.

Date of show: June 11th
Show starts at:
Show finishes at: 3:00pm
Venue: Surf Club


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About Sean Choolburra

Sean Choolburra is recognised as one of Australia’s funniest and most enduring Aboriginal comedians. Born in Townsville, QLD, and one of twelve, his comedy is created from a wide variety of life time experiences, stories, and observations.