Damien Power & Jacques Barrett

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This is a Double Feature show with Damien Power & Jacques Barrett.

This show is Dynamite! Big thinking comics Damien Power & Jacques Barrett have a wonderful way of encouraging audiences to think deeply about contemporary issues whilst your sides split and your face hurts.

Date of show: June 11th
Show starts at:
Show finishes at: 9:45pm
Venue: Surf Club


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About Damien Power

A three-time nominee for Most Outstanding Show of the Melbourne Comedy Festival, Damien Power is the most exhilarating voice on the Australian comedy circuit, racking up numerous awards, nominations and rave reviews, and selling out rooms across the country.

Damien toured his raw, assured I Can’t Believe I Cared to audiences around Australia and the world in 2015. He took the 2016 festival scene by storm with Sell Mum Into Slavery, which was filmed as part of ABC TV’s Comedy Next Gen series. Damien is also a member of the “True Australian Patriots” – winners of the Director’s Choice award at the 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. He stars in fellow True Australian Patriot performer Anne Edmonds’ show for ABC iView, The Edge Of The Bush, which is currently available to stream worldwide on Amazon Prime.

He also had his own segment – “Power to the People” – on The Project and featured in the ABC series Tonightly and Fancy Boy.

The 2017 Melbourne Comedy Festival saw Damien nominated for the Melbourne Comedy Festival Award for the third time in as many years, and win the Pinder Prize, an Edinburgh Fringe grant named in honour of legendary comedy impresario John Pinder. Utopia: Live in 3D played at the Assembly for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and at London’s Soho Theatre. In the same year, Damien was selected to perform at the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal, appearing on All Access, hosted by Wyatt Cenac and filmed for the Comedy Network in Canada.

Damien returned to the stage with new shows Violent Chaos Anyone? (2018) Man Puts his Dreams in a Sock (2019), and 2021’s Regret Man, performing at all major Australian comedy festivals. He spent much of 2020 working on an pilot script for US production company Pretty Matches, loosely based on his family’s experiences in and around IndyCar (google Will Power) and recording the Neurotic News podcast with Dan Rath.

About Jacques Barrett

Jacques Barrette has been at this comedy thing for 14 straight years. He’s what we in the business call a Road Dog. Travelling from town to town for shows and festivals with a small wrapped bag of belongings tied to the end of a stick. Kinda like the Hulk, but only destroying comedy club roofs. Well respected by peers and those who know him. He’s not good at much, but he is good at this.

Come take in a show.

This man is a Championi!’ – Jimeoin

Effortlessly hilarious, joyously dark and a God amongst cucks’ – Daniel Sloss

Audiences members exploded like bags of jelly. The comedians in the room quietly browsed TAFE courses on their phones’ – Arj Barker