Kitty Flanagan

Friday 15th of may 9.30 pm 

Besides recurring TV roles on The Project, Sketch Show, Full Frontal, Have You Been Paying Attention, Utopia, and The Weekly with Charlie Pickering, and stackload more, Kitty's also snatched various awards (including the 2005 New York City Short Film Festival Award for writing/directing Dating Ray Fenwick, for best show at 2010's Adelaide Fringe Festival, and the 2016 Equity Ensemble Award for her role as irritating Rhonda Stewart in ABC's Utopia), plus produced the single 'Middle Aged Man' with sister Penny Flanagan, as well as releasing various DVD's (including award-winning 'Hello Kitty Flanagan'). 


Kitty Flanagan is one of Australia’s best known comedians. Before that she was one of Australia’s least known waitresses at the Pizza Hut.

She has played all over the world and now tours Australia relentlessly, determined to bring her award winning stand up shows to every regional arts centre and theatre around the country. If she hasn’t been to your town, and you have a stage of some sort then please drop her a line and she’ll be there shortly.

Kitty is a writer and performer and can be seen regularly on comedy/quiz show, Have You Been Paying Attention? She’s known for her segments on The Project and The Weekly with Charlie Pickering as well as for playing the role of Rhonda on the award-winning ABC show, Utopia.

Her favourite food is soup, closely followed by fried potatoes of any kind. She lives in Sydney with her dog Henry, her cat Sarge and a lovely Magnolia tree called Mary. Kitty hopes to one day develop some skills, get an education and find a real job.

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