A private event with Dr Karl Kruszelincki specifically for the students of the Byron Shire.

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Primary Public School
Friday 10am -11am

Science Broadcaster and author, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki will reveal how he got caught in a blizzard (and survived), and did you know that in a blizzard you can still have a blue sky?

And … how do you go to the toilet in Antarctica? You’ll also get the chance to ask all your burning science questions be they chemical, physical, technological, astrophysical or astronomical!

This event is recommended for school students 3 to 6.

Byron High School
Friday 1pm -2.30pm

Startling Careers in Science

Science is probably the best possible ‘mental toolbox’ that you can have, enabling you to change your career many times if desired.  Karl’s fun, inspirational talk will cover five main areas in future careers in science, how this will affect students and become important in their future working lives.

  1. Computer and information technology and how computers will be as smart as we are.
  2. Genetic engineering and how today’s students will ‘live forever’.
  3. Engineering. How we will try to invent things never invented before.
  4. Basic physics. If we get rid of mass, we can travel to the stars at the speed of light.
  5. The environment and what we can do to fix it.

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