1:00PM - 3:30PM (8-16YRS)

Do you have a class clown in your household? Know a young person with a yen for acting or a bit of comedic flair, or just in need of a chance to get on stage? Well we have the solution: THEATRESPORTS!!!

Fast, furious and very cheeky, Theatresports is the lovechild of stand up comedy, live theatre and competitive team sports. A chaotic, crazy collection of improvised comedic theatre games are performed by opposing teams, based on audience suggestions, and rated by our panel of expert judges (family, friends, and anyone brace enough to risk splitting their sides with laughter). Whichever team splits the most sides with their improvised shenanigans wins! .

Aside from promoting comedic timing, improvisation and general performance skills, theatresports teaches confidence, teamwork, how to operate under pressure and how to think on your feet!

The 150 minute theatresports introduction and workshop on Saturday will be followed by a live performance Sunday for friends, family and general public.

madeleine west

You might know her as the blonde chick from Neighbours who married Toadie then died...then came back as evil twins ...but Madeleine West has been in stage and screen for over 30 years. What you might not know is that her love of showing off also saw her spend 2 years training in improvised theatre at Second City LA, the home of Saturday Night Live, and performing for 4 years on the comedy circuit. While her stand up career frequently resulted in requests to ‘sit down’ it did foster a love of theatresports which Madeleine has taught and participated in ever since. Now she wants to bring the art to a new generation of would-be actors, comedians, and show-offs in general.

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