A global brand connecting locally.

Developing a social strategy and preparing for E-commerce.

To raise brand awareness through a coherent content-led social strategy and tell the story of a brand that had retail outlets across the GCC and a unique brand mix and position having been founded by Ingie Chalhoub.

Content Strategy
Creative Direction
Influencer Management
Media Management

The Brief

From the beginning of our collaboration, Capital D made sure to build a strong & trusting bond. Each and every client is a priority, even more so when the team is fully dedicated.

We came in as a partner, we managed the full production of photoshoots and video shoots in order to make the client’s content stand out from the rest.

Our strong, content-led  social media strategy, backed up by a strategic media plan helped the brand speak directly to their target audience and engage them as the brand embraced on their e-commerce platform.


The Solution

We were Etoile “La boutique” ‘s partner in influencer marketing, forging successful relationships with fashion influencers.

We also worked with them in creating successful campaigns, smart contests and editorially driven newsletters  to increase their brand awareness, engagement and direct marketing.

Our strategy was to develop an editorial thematic content strategy to emphasis on the unique buying of the team and the exclusive pieces that some of the world’s best designers had created for their stores. Preparing for the launch of their e-commerce meant organizing their storytelling to communicate the brand identity and strengthen the online community to prepare for launch.

The Outcome

Within a few months after our collaboration, we saw the following numbers:


  • 9,113,105 Impressions
  • 5,974 Engagements
  • 3,588 Profile Actions
  • 5,775 New followers


  • 12,063,318 Impressions
  • 112,428 Engagements
  • 4,432 Post Link clicks
  • 78,421 Total Fans

Our influencers amplification collaborations had given the brand millions of impressions through new audiences not following their accounts and helped to amplify in-store activations using serving to drive traffic into their stores.

Tickets available early February 2022 🙂