Blood Orange: Paul McDermott + 1 (June 4)

After two years of ground breaking, award winning comedy dealing with the personal and global effects of COVID 19, PAUL + 1 return with BLOOD ORANGE. BLOOD ORANGE is a dynamic and awe-inspiring collection of verbal and musical absurdity. The third instalment in the COVID saga chronicling, in real time, the bizarre world we find ourselves in. No stone is left unturned as Paul, and his unnamed collaborator, walk through the fires of a contemporary hell-scape to bring joy to others, and a smile to face of the living. Controversial, bleak and hilarious – Join Paul + 1 for a delightfully dark journey towards the light.

Date of show: June 4
Show starts at:
Show finishes at: 7:00pm
Venue: Surf Club


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Paul McDermott

Paul McDermott is a writer and performer but, primarily, a scribbler. Paul began scribbling from a young age, and has not stopped. He scribbles most days, and has dozens of books filled with scribbles.

Paul went to art school when he was younger, and was on TV for a while as he grew up. Over time, he has been: a comedian, singer, songwriter, columnist, illustrator, poster-designer, book-maker, film-maker, writer-director, and, generally, tried to be a good person.

Paul was the writer/director, set designer, costume maker, poster, t-shirt and merchandise designer and primary creator for The Doug Anthony Allstars (a seminal Australian comedy musical group).

His writing/performing TV credits include: The Big Gig, DAAS KAPITAL, Good News Week, The Side/Show, Rm 101, Think Tank amongst others.