Akmal: Not Dead Yet (Sunday Show)

Akmal returns because he was not careful with his money when he was funny and popular. He’s still funny, however due to the avalanche of brown and black comedians his popularity has waned a little. So, this year Akmal has finally succumbed to the thousands of requests to perform in the nude. Don’t miss this hilarious and highly erotic show. Every night a lucky audience member will win Akmal’s underwear! Touching is allowed but please be respectful. Private shows available behind the theatre at extra cost.

★★★★ ½’  ‘A fantastic night, I loved him.’
Adelaide Advertiser

Date of show: June 4
Show starts at:
Show finishes at: 8:30pm
Venue: Surf Club


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More about the show

Movies, Sketch, Stand‐Up, Tv appearances, Radio personality and talk show host, improvisation and a published author, Akmal is one of Australia’s most respected, successful and accomplished comics. He displays an incredible ability to deal with hot topics in a hilarious and non‐offensive way. Being Australia’s only Arab comedian, his Arab heritage steers his comedy to issues of religion, honesty, hysterical looks at modern day life. His uncanny comedic gift means he is one of those gifted comedians who has the audience eating out of the palm of his hand as soon as he walks on stage.