If you are looking for things to do Saturday 18th May - this class will have you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated & really happy! 

Meredith Yardley discovered the healing power of Laughter and studies the science of happiness. This is restorative and evidence based & Meredith will elevate your daily levels of Happiness using a range of scientifically proven tools and strategies that include laughter and mindfulness. Non threatening and wonderfully supportive Meredith guides you through the journey. Wear comfy clothes 😊

meredith yardley

Laughter Yoga is an aerobic activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Laughter gives your brain and body a boost and can help you feel uplifted and joyous, de-stressed and connected to others.  How does it work? Rather than using comedy or jokes, Laughter Yoga takes normal everyday events and wraps laughter around them, turning them into a laughter exercise. Laughter sessions work in sets of three:

1. A laughter exercise, which raises your heart rate

2. A simple clap and chant, which is grounding

3. A deep, yogic breath, which slows the heart rate


A laughter exercise is no more complicated than playing charades - such as laughing while pretending to make and drink a milkshake. Key to enjoying a Laughter session is bringing a sense of play, imagination and a willingness to have fun. Just think of your 6-year-old self, that little kid who loved to jump in puddles and climb trees - that’s the part of you that you get to set free in Laughter Yoga. A typical session runs for about 45 minutes, then is wrapped up with a 10 minute Laughter Meditation. Don’t worry about being flexible or yoga-fit - there is no downward dog or turning yourself into a pretzel. Laughter Yoga can be enjoyed standing, or sitting in a chair, and is suitable for ages 5 - 105! 

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