Comedian Mandy Nolan presents Funny Kids! The debut performance by the kids who did her FUNNY KIDS workshop just a few weeks before! Kids aged from 8 - 17yr give audiences a comedic low down on how they see the world, you, and most importantly, themselves! Charming, precocious, hilarious and at times unexpectedly moving, this is a chance to see young people embrace stand up comedy, having their three minutes of fame, alone and empowered on the comedy stage!



Mandy Nolan is a true renaissance woman. Comedian, Author, Journalist, MC, KeyNote Speaker, Humour Therapist & Comedy Instructor.


Mandy Nolan is as at home on the page  as she is on the stage. Recently voted the 7th most influential personality in the Northern Rivers. In Byron (where she lives)  Mandy-jokes are as much a part of the vernacular as any surf speak. Every week the Queen of controversy’s topical column/blog ‘Soapbox’ on FaceBook and in the Byron Shire Echo offers humorous opinion that often become the catalyst of conversation and debate. As a self confessed  provocateur, Mandy’s columns are often a loud and passionate call to arms for the voiceless members of society. Sydney Morning Herald’s Bruce Elder called Nolan ‘the country’s sharpest and wittiest comedic columnist’.

 A regular on the national comedy circuit Mandy performed recently at Sydney’s State Theatre alongside Arj Barker and Tom Ballard to raise money for the Asian Moonbear, she was declared one of the best in show by a reviewer at the Melbourne Comedy Festival’s Upfront Women’s showcase, and she is a regular guest on ABC Radio’s State wide Thank God It’s Friday. 

Nolan tours with Ellen Briggs in the touring show Women Like Us - a two woman stand up comedy show that has headlined festivals around the country and sold out well over 100 shows nation wide. The goal of the comedic enterprise for Nolan was to collaborate with a colleague to bring women’s stories and women’s comedy to the forefront - and to target audiences who want to see their every day experiences reflected on stage.

  Agree with her or not, its hard not to be impressed by her fearless Voice -  heard loud and clear, carrying a ring of fairness, truth and authenticity. And jokes. Lots and lots of jokes.

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