Comedian Mandy Nolan presents Funny Kids! The debut performance by the kids who did her FUNNY KIDS workshop just a few weeks before! Kids aged from 8 - 17yr give audiences a comedic low down on how they see the world, you, and most importantly, themselves! Charming, precocious, hilarious and at times unexpectedly moving, this is a chance to see young people embrace stand up comedy, having their three minutes of fame, alone and empowered on the comedy stage!

(90min duration - no interval)

Kids up to 4yrs are Free 

Go to to register for the Funny Kids workshops



A comic for over 25 years Nolan books the Byron Comedy Festival, she runs 7 comedy rooms and has taught over 2000 people stand up comedy…including the Emmy Award winning Hannah Gadsby!


 She has also pioneered Stand UP for Dementia a peer reviewed humour therapy for people with Dementia, the subject of her TED talk. 

Oh, and by the way, Nolan is also the mother of 5 children, who she credits as the true source of her creativity. ‘When I had kids, everything else looked easy!’

Funny Kids is the culmination of a kids comedy workshop where Mandy works closely with the kids to create their debut stand-up performances. This show was excellent in 2019 even when you weren't watching your own kids. Brilliant fun!