The Festival Pass

If you are ready for a weekend of laughter and fun, you are on the right page. This is the pass that gives you the best value for your money.

The Festival Pass does not include workshops (Slapstick and Theatresports)

However for a limited time the Festival Pass includes the Opening Party with Dr Karl on Thursday 13th May, as well as all other shows  on the program. 

Even if you attended half of the programmed shows you have got great value for money. 

Valued at $550, the Festival Pass at $199 is a bargain you shouldn't miss. 

Friends of the festival 

To be a friend of the festival you must be committed to the business of laughing. Friends of the Comedy Fest are the people who help us bring the best of the comedy world to our little town, in style. 

This year we are including a special invitation to our opening party so our friends can enjoy meeting Dr Karl Kruszelnicki whilst indulging in free food & drinks and learning the most fascinating science facts from the man himself in the most none serious manner. 

Included in this pass is access to all the shows and free food & drink as well as priority seating. 

If you think you can handle this friendship, Lets go!!!!!!!